Pilates ....... "stability and mobility"

"Feel the difference, see the difference, get a whole new body" -Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a physical and mental programme consisting of strength and flexiblity exercises targeting deep postural muscles.

If you suffer with joint pain or discomfort or stiffness Pilates will help you manage.  

It improves your posture and practicing pilates regularly will bring awareness so you can change the way you move and better support your body.  In turn you feel better.

Pilates encourages movement.  

All classes are matwork based and I strictly limit class numbers to 12 so you will receive attentive tuition.

They are improver level.  If you havent done pilates before all you need to do is a couple of personal sessions with me to get you up to speed then you can join the class.

Alll equipment is provided.
Bring a blanket if you wish for extra support or warmth.
Wear comfy clothing, we work in socks or bare feet.
Ensure you avoid a heavy meal prior to a session.

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