Terms and Conditions

9 per session at NCCB, 10 at other venues

this is the discounted rate applied if booking a block of classes and is to be paid in advance before the course starts.  

A course runs for a half term.  This reserves your place.  

An alternative is to Pay as you Go at a rate of 12.

Booking a place 
Places must be pre-booked by phone.  

I will need have a quick chat to ascertain your ability/medical conditions/injuries and you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire before your first session (this is treated in the strictest confidence and is only seen by myself for my use).

Both pilates and yoga are normally run on half termly basis and we break for school holidays.  Classes may be arranged during school holidays if there is sufficient demand.

Pilates booking conditions

For Pilates it is recommended to sign up for a block of sessions.  You are assessed and will be continually monitored - exercises are tailored to your ongoing needs.  Drop in sessions cannot cater for that.  Places are limited to 12 so that you are given the attention you deserve.

To join an establised class you will need to be assessed to ensure you are able to join at the level we are working at and it may be necessary to arrange a short course of one to one tuition prior to you attending the class.  

Yoga booking conditions

For Yoga although I recommend you attend regularly for practice and progression, if you are unable to commit to a block of classes you can attend on a casual basis however you will need to 'phone to check there is a space on the day you wish to attend as the classes can be full to capacity.  
By booking on a block basis this secures your place and by you making a financial commitment you are more likely to attend on those dull or damp mornings !

Beginners are welcome and are easily integrated into an exisiting class.

Absences and Holidays

For Illness and booked holidays (a) you may make up sessions at other classes -where I can accommodate you (b) I will deduct up to four sessions from block booking fees


you have advised me you are not attending or spoken with me.

Your place is reserved thus I will not give it to someone else unless you advise me and therefore your fee will be lost unless you advise me you aren't attending.

Consider that paying a normal session fee could be viable but you will need to check there is a space for you at every class you intend to attend.

       ~~~ Personal instruction ~~~
Available for both pilates and yoga as well as general cardiovascular workouts and toning sessions drawing on various qualified disciplines

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