Testimonials & Endorsements

From a Professional:-

As an Osteopath I highly recommend Pilates as a form of rehabilitation, post injury and prevention, and for well being. 
I have referred patients to Debbie for over 5 years because she is an expert at what she does and I know my patients are always in good hands.

NICK COWAN, Osteopath,
Brookmans Park Osteopaths


Debbie is a very skilled teacher.  She works with small groups and takes time to make sure that everyone is working correctly and within their own comfort zone and at their own speed.  
Cathy, Little Heath

"With a couple of friends I have been going to Debbies pilates classes since 2009, the classes are fun and my posture and body tone has improved dramatically. A chronic neck problem I had for years has been has been cured. I would recommend her classes to anyone" 
Mandy, B. Park

After just one session of pilates I was moving differently with awareness.  
Carol, Potters Bar 

Osteo arthritis has restricted my ability to exercise due to painful aching joints. Thanks to Debbies' Pilates Classes within a few months I have felt the benefit of the regular pilates exercises which I feel are helping to improve my flexibility, muscle tone and posture.  
Sheila, Brookmans Pk

Debbie is a professional teacher, sessions are well planned and each block is different which makes it more interesting.  She always checks on any health issues and makes each class enjoyable.  I always feel so much better after the class, I know that my back is stronger because of Pilates. I look forward to my weekly class; everyone is very friendly. 
Lyn, W.Green

As a
beginner to Pilates, I had little abdominal strength and I was a bit worried that I would be left behind or struggle with the exercises.  However, during the classes, Debbie explains different levels of each exercise and finds a level that suits each person.  I am already stronger in my 'core' and finding that I hold myself better generally, I always leave the class feeling nicely stretched out and aware that I have worked my muscles, including some that I didn't know I had!    
Lucy  B. Park

After taking your yoga class for the past six months, I feel I would like to thank you for your time and patience in helping me understand the "yoga practice“.

Initially, my flexibility was poor, and I wrongly assumed yoga was a stretch class.

Even though the class is of mixed ability, you manage to communicate to each student, making them feel that the class is tailored to them.

You've introduced visualisation, meditation, and yogic breathing, which I have now learnt is a integral part of the "yoga practise", incorporating this to my daily life.

If someone told me six months ago that doing a your yoga class, will make me feel energised, and achieve inner peace, I would have been very dismissive, however I have been very pleasantly surprised.     Adam, Potters Bar


After Yoga I feel stretched and relaxed, Diane, WGC 



Debbies yoga, Just love it !      Vikki, Brookmans Park  

Debbie puts you immediately at ease in her yoga classes and has a very friendly and accessible style of teaching yoga. Lucy, Brookmans Park

Yoga is wonderful! It promotes strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and relaxation. 

I always sleep better after a yoga session but best of all it's a quiet oasis in a hectic life style, 
Penny, Brookmans Park

I love Debbie's yoga class - it has greatly improved my suppleness, strength and balance.  I appreciate Debbie's teaching style and attentiveness to getting the poses right.   
Sue C, Brookmans Park



After each Pilates session, I feel fit and energized; and I have enjoyed myself. 
MB, B. Park


'Debbie's classes are of a size that enables her to manage everyone's differing fitness levels, while affording her the opportunity, using her years of experience,  to give individual advice and help with technique. The exercises are regularly changed during the term so that focus is given to different areas of the body. ' 
Linda, Welwyn





'I have been attending Debbie's pilates and yoga classes since summer 2012 and would have no hesitation in recommending her to potential clients. 
I was
directed towards the classes by my local osteopath as a means of strengthening my back (I had been suffering from neck and back problems since having my three year old) and increasing flexibility, I have happily experienced improvement in both aspects.  Debbie is incredibly attentive to individual needs, the classes are small which really helps to increase your confidence and knowledge that you are 'doing it right'.  Also for those who are reticent about doing communal exercise fear not! Debbie makes all attendants feel welcome and the atmosphere is friendly and intimate'. Maureen ,  Hatfield


One word perfectly describes Debbies pilates classes - FAB-U-LOUS. 
Sue, W.Green


I like the way Debbie attends to us as individuals, and quietly suggest corrections to us on the spot during the course of the lesson. 
Brenda, Hatfield



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