Yoga - ”Stillness in mind”

Yoga refreshes the mind and body, develops a supple and healthy body, relieves stress and equips you with the tools to relax and bring balance to your life. 


You will be working within your own physical boundaries and explore Yoga through the use of postures and breath and learning relaxation techniques.


The yoga style is ‘classical’ Hatha and the session is for 1 ½ hours. 


A typical example of class begins with a short relaxation followed by some loosening movements, and a flowing sequence.  We then continue with a number of postures consisting of forward bends, backbends, side bends, twists and inversions and towards the end a breathing practice, a short meditation or guided visualisation and to finish a lovely relaxation.  There are 1000s of postures so there will always be an alternative if there is something a client cannot achieve.  Similarly there are numerous breathing practices and relaxation techniques that we can work with.  I tend to keep to one particular class plan for several weeks  allowing time to become familiar with what is being practiced - to explore, enjoy and refine. 


You will need to bring along your yoga mat and I recommend 1 or 2 blankets for use as a potential tool for alignment and possibly more comfortable, achievable postures and also to enable you to feel warm and comfortable whilst you  relax. 


Wear layered clothes which you can remove as you become warmer and replace when we slow down and relax.  We practice in socks and bare feet.


You should avoid eating a heavy meal at least 2 hours before class.

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